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Online Sports Betting in Vietnam


Gambling has been outlawed in Vietnam for generations. Merchants kept bowls of dice at their stalls to engage in gambling with their customers when "housewives would routinely bet on the days their horoscope was lucky," which means they would return home empty-handed and with the housekeeping money gone on slightly more than half of such occasions, according to a late 1940s travelogue.

The lottery was the sole legal gambling option until the late twentieth century. In order to fight illicit gambling, the government moved to gradually legalize the activity while clamping down on significant criminal gambling rings. The authorities busted a $420 million gambling network in March 2018, in which two top government officials and some 90 people were involved (including government officials).

The head of an illegal internet sports betting ring was sentenced to nine years in prison in September 2018, with the enterprise valued at almost $26 million. A different internet gambling network was estimated to be worth $89 million when it was brought down in 2017. During the 2018 World Cup, a rash of pawnshops sprung up with the sole intention of serving local gamblers, according to Xinhua. It is believed that the black market gaming industry is worth billions of dollars.

Football Betting In Vietnam

In 2017, a five-year pilot program authorized sports betting in Vietnam, similar to a three-year pilot program that allowed people to gamble in chosen casinos, although the decree confined betting to football, horse racing, and greyhound racing. Vietnamese are only permitted to wager on FIFA-sanctioned international competitions, which means major leagues like the English Premier League and Spain's La Liga are off-limits.

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According to VietnamNet, the Ministry passed a rule that added 27 leagues and tournaments to the list of approved football activities. In addition, it enabled betting on Vietnam-related events, including football World Cup qualifications and the U-20 World Cup.

Gaming is banned in Vietnam in general, so there aren't many casinos or gambling establishments. Fortunately, you may still have fun trying your luck at casinos because the government is increasingly opening up to more foreign investment and the gaming restrictions are becoming more flexible. There are certain circumstances, in which people are allowed to gamble.

Foreigners with non-resident visas are allowed Vietnamese who are at least 21 years of age have no criminal records and with the earning of approx VND 10 million Dong/M (Approx. USD 450). Legal Gambling activities (Sports bitting). Casinos in casino hotels in Vietnam. All the activities are strictly monitored by the govt authorities and strict actions are taken in case of any violation.

Vietnam Casino

Casinos are one of the few conditional enterprises permitted in Vietnam, with just six licensed casinos. Currently, only Corona Casino Phu Quoc accepts Vietnamese players. Six casinos in Vietnam have been approved to operate in tourist hotspots, including Hai Phong, Lao Cai, and Da Nang. But most Vietnamese casinos only welcome foreigners. This sort of entertainment has been there for a long time but hasn't been used by the locals.

How Many Casinos Are There In Vietnam?

Currently, there are only 6-casinos available. In which only Corona Casino Phu Quoc accepts Vietnamese players.

Gambling is illegal in Vietnam and is illegal for all nationalities. On the other hand, Vietnamese people can continue to play in foreign-registered online casinos.

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